Take Control of Your Story

Marketing communications consultancy and mentoring

that will help create, nurture and grow your business

Let’s Do It Differently

We know that as a leader of a small business, you like to be in control.

We have a totally new way of working with businesses like yours that keeps you in the driving seat.  We'll get you started, give you the skills you need and support you as you master your own communications.


In this Comms QuickStart programme, we work with you to map out ways to immediately improve how you tell your business story. 

 We’ll uncover the best tools and tactics for your business, and develop plans for specific communications activities that will energise your business plan.

If you’re a start-up, we’ll help you define your market and give your business a voice.

You'll be raring to go, and most importantly, you'll know where to start.

Comms Deep Dive

Here we delve a little deeper:  we work with you to understand the profile, presence and reputation of your business, identify your key audiences (and competitors) and define your place in the market. 

 We’ll develop a comprehensive programme just for your business, outlining specific ways you can use communications to enhance your business activities, with a detailed and actionable plan to take forward.  And we’ll keep in touch as you put this into action.

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SuperCharge your Comms

We work with you to define where you want to take your business and create a bespoke marketing communications plan to help you to achieve this. 

 We will analyse your stakeholders and determine the right approaches to reach them, giving you the tools & training to be able to implement a marketing and PR plan. 

 From social media to events, exhibitions, media and reputation building, we will get you started and give you the momentum to transform your communications. We’ll also mentor you and your team until you’re confident you know the ropes.

For further information, please get in touch. We’d love to help you tell your story.