Take Control of Your Story

Marketing communications consultancy and mentoring

that will help create, nurture and grow your business

We drive influence, reputation and engagement across your audiences

Marketing Communications

If you’re communicating about your business, you need a plan. We help you define your goals, prioritise audiences and plan activities that will energise your business plan, vision and values.

We develop a tailored approach to make this happen then work closely with you to implement the right tactics, evaluating impact at every step.

Managing Change

When changes impact your business or have consequences for your stakeholders, we work with you to ensure the right people have the right information at the right time.

Whether you want to reassure employees, gain support across your local community, update a political or business network or share difficult news, we help you protect your reputation and business values.  

Social Media

We’ll help make sense of the social media landscape surrounding your business and we’ll get you started, driving engagement across the social media channels that are right for you.

We can train you or a member of your team, and stay in close contact as you to get grips with all the benefits and interaction that results.  

Corporate Communications

You want your external stakeholders to know your business, to understand the products or services you offer and to see the value you bring.

We help you shape your reputation, reaching key audiences through media relations, leadership profiling, positioning within external networks, branding and collateral with consistent, clear messages that bring confidence and customers.

Employee Engagement

Employees are your best advocates.  Ensure your leadership vision and values motivate your employees through effective two-way communications.

We will help you create genuine engagement with your employees, listening and sharing company milestones, successes, challenges, vision and values.  We'll give your employee network a clear understanding of the direction of your business and the role they play within it, making the most of the best asset you have.

Community Relations

How do you interact with your local community?  We can strengthen the position of your business or organisation within your local or regional area.

Whether you want to build better relationships, collaborate or address particular needs, such as seeking planning permission or supporting a community initiative, we can raise your business profile.

Here are a few other things we do...

Media Relations  |  Content Creation  |  Events Management  |  Training  |  Publications  

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